Compensation of IT professionals in Quebec

2019 Salary Survey

Does your salary structure set itself apart from the competition? Discover the results of the largest IT salary survey in Quebec to better manage your compensation activities and put your company brand on the map.


Salary Increases 2018-2019 Report

Preparing a competitive budget for salary increases is a considerable challenge for any manager. Are you familiar with the IT salary increases survey? This is an indispensable tool to build an attractive and engaging budget for your IT professionals.


Compensation guides and tools

Free and easy-to-read resources are available to help you incorporate the latest innovations into your compensation practices and better communicate the added value of your programs to your IT resources.


The reference manual for the compensation of IT professionals

Global compensation survey

More than ever, the compensation package is a powerful tool to attract and retain talent, hence the importance of remaining on the lookout for trends.

Regardless of the size or structure of your business, the IT global compensation investigation report is sure to be an indispensable tool in establishing a competitive compensation package that is unique to your organization and aligned with your business strategy.

How to structure your compensation package
How to negotiate market rate salaries
How to offer competitive indirect compensation

Compensation of IT professionals in Quebec

Participate in the 2019 compensation survey!

Compare in order to better equip your company

Survey of salary increases

Establishing nuanced and accurate salary predictions is not a trivial matter. The salary increases report is an invaluable reference that managers can rely on to generate human and financial performance and deploy their long-term strategy.

Market trends
Presentation by region
Comparisons with other business sectors
Considerable expenses for your organization.

Compensation guides and tools

A company’s compensation-related expenses can be as high as 70%. Since you are at the frontline when it comes to presenting the different components your compensation package to your teams, equip yourself with the most recent IT resources to properly communicate the information and improve compensation policies down the line.  

Compensation guide
Design and set up your salary structure.
Is your compensation strategy effective?
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