IT salary survey in Quebec

What is a salary survey?

Almost all businesses, regardless of their size, use as much market data as possible to make decisions. They do not rely on rumours, web postings or anecdotal information to manage their business.

When total payroll represents 70% of a company’s IT expenses in Quebec, human resources managers should do the same.

The 2019 edition of the salary survey provides salary data for more than 80 benchmark jobs. In addition to base salaries, you will find information on bonuses, retirement plans, group insurance plans and even HR trends. The report will be available in September.

Participate in the largest IT salary survey in Quebec! It will guide your decision-making with respect to compensation packages. Set yourself apart by using precise salary data from information and communications technology companies in Quebec.

Join the hundreds of organizations that are participating in the survey.

A major
competitive advantage

Based on real, validated and current data, the information on compensation represents a major competitive advantage. Equipped with reliable data, you have a clear view of the market and can make competitive salary proposals.

Take all the elements of compensation into account

Address the particularities of this industry with data on base salaries, incentive earnings, equity, pension plans and group insurance plans.

Get a head start on good HR practices

You will have access to information on over 80 benchmarks jobs, each of which has its own particularities and evolves differently. The salary survey data will allow you to understand what your competitors pay for new jobs.

The salary survey
in figures.


Jobs markers





5 keys to improve your IT compensation strategy

Are you following good HR trends?


telecommuting as needed


have a budget allocated to training activities


allow employees to roll over vacation days from one year to the next

Based on 59 benchmark jobs and over 100 companies

Available data

The information and communications technology sector is highly competitive when it comes to compensation.

Total direct compensation

Salary, bonuses, commission paid, pay scale, etc.

Personalized salary data

Location, revenue, company size, business sector, total payroll, etc.

Group insurance and retirement plans

Type by organization, employer/employee share

HR policies and practices

Summer hours, telecommuting, overtime, turnover rate, etc.

Besoin de plus d'information ?

Frequently asked questions.

Who is conducting the survey?

The salary survey, as all other TECHNOCompétences projects, is based on a collaborative process. Since 2014, TECHNOCompétences has partnered with Normandin Beaudry, a specialist in the collection, processing and validation of data.

I have fewer than 50 employees. Will this product be useful to me?

You are not alone! Close to 45% of participating companies have fewer than 50 employees.

I am not an IT company. Can I purchase this product?

Definitely! We highly encourage you to do so! Finance, insurance, transportation, university and trade sectors are very well represented in the report. More and more companies from the manufacturing and production sector are also participating in the survey.

Who can purchase this report?

The report is intended for public or private organizations that may or may not specialize in information technology, and that employ information and communications technology professionals.

2019 Edition

Participate in
the salary survey

to access the results

Key dates for 2019

March 1
Data collection begins
March 1
May 31
Data collection ends
May 31
27 September
Results available
27 September

IT company


850 $+ tax

Non-IT company


1 750 $+ tax

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