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Opportunities specifically for developers

Are you an employer in Quebec specializing in IT? Would you like to improve your results by better managing your resources? What if we told you that a training opportunity for developers has the potential of boosting your managerial abilities… How? By learning to manage the integration of technological innovations, thereby better understanding your labour needs. Completing a course in web programming allows you to refine your technical understanding of your team’s projects. As a project manager, you can then better guide your coworkers by making the right decisions. Would you like to learn more? Learn about our current training programs.  

Application Development
Big Data Analytics
Video Games

Continuing education for the video game industry

Training for developers: available options

There is a vast array of training programs for web developers. They can be grouped into three main categories: application development, big data and video games.

Big Data Analytics

Developer training on big data analytics can be divided into three subcategories.  Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are the subjects a developer should master in order to manage well.

Not understanding artificial intelligence is no longer an option. Computer developers, web agencies, and managers must make it a point to keep abreast of the latest developments in AI. Whether your role is in risk management or IT project management, working with AI has become essential. When you choose to study AI, what you are gaining is the ability to evaluate, across all your projects, the issues surrounding these specific technologies. You can also comfortably initiate strategic discussions pertaining to your organization.

Just like AI, data science is also beneficial to business intelligence. This discipline is based not only computer tools but statistical and mathematical tools as well. It allows you to develop the skills you need to build or optimize data models. Data science is more largely used in optimizing business models. Are you interested in data-focused developer training? Read this EY article on data science and value creation.

If you are interested in AI, machine learning may also be of interest to you.  Understanding this subject allows you to give your computer the ability to learn through data. This means you are delegating the analysis to your computer, which then becomes able to perform all types of tasks.

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