Continuing education for IT managers

Training tailored to IT managers

Our training opportunities for managers are directly based on our ICT skills and training needs study.

Polling from this study provided specific data on the skills gap. According to the experts we consulted, certain technical, personal and interpersonal skills have now become essential in order to succeed in this work environment.

New HR trends
Artificial intelligence for business practices

Discover the latest trends in artificial intelligence and give executives food for thought on the concrete application of AI in business to optimize its use as a driver of growth.

IT sales strategy

New HR Trends

Organizational development and company culture

Among the needs that TECHNOCompétences has identified in terms of training for IT managers, two topics in this sector need to be further explored. These are intergenerational management and the optimization of workplace training methods.

Intergenerational management is a particularly important topic in IT. That is because the workforce shortage in this sector requires work relationships to be harmonized so that talent can be retained. Contrary to baby boomers and Generation X, who glamorize hierarchy, Generation Y rejects authority. It is thus important to learn how to work around the ideas and values of each generation.

Optimizing workplace training methods has proven to be crucial in IT. The tools used in information technology keep evolving. It is important to optimize internal processes for network management, private cloud, infrastructure administration, etc.

IT sales teams


The latest study carried out by TECHNOCompétences demonstrates that 34% of sales occur outside of Quebec. Training for IT managers helps sales teams develop a strategic method for selling locally and internationally.

Compensation of the IT sales force must be competitive. It is important to properly choose the compensation strategy that is the most relevant to your employees. New business models allow you to put in place emerging and innovative compensation systems. One of them is the cloud-based compensation system, which is growing increasingly popular.

Selling outside of Quebec requires an adjustment of your employees’ sales approach. To do so, your teams must consider diverse cultures and politico-economic environments in their sales approaches.

Artificial intelligence and business practices

Completing IT manager training on the theme of artificial intelligence is beneficial for several reasons. It provides an understanding of the technologies and data processing necessary for all AI projects. It also allows you to stay informed on government actions related to the regional economic development of AI (see this press release on government investment).

Working with artificial intelligence in business practices calls for having a good grasp of certain laws and ethical issues. Indeed, data use is a sensitive topic that calls for expert knowledge. It also calls for recognizing the skills and positions required to create an AI team.

Finally, completing IT manager training is beneficial to understanding the current AI-related economic models.

Client testimonials

An excellent starting point for implementing an architecture practice
Joel Asselin — CAA -Québec
Business architecture course
The course allowed me to better understand certain concepts, particularly the added value of a business architecture practice
Nathalie Bonin — Via rail Canada
Business architecture course
An excellent introduction to business architecture
Dominique Danvoye — CGI
Business architecture course
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