2018-2019 Salary Increases Report

Generating human and financial performance starts with a competitive budget for salary increases. In a time of talent shortage, this task may be a complex one.  The survey report provides a vast array of practical indicators that will facilitate managers’ decision-making with respect to salary increases of IT professionals.

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The benefits of using a salary increases report.

The overall budget for salary increases in information and communications technologies is estimated at 3.3% for 2018-2019. Are you keeping up with the industry? Where does your company stand in comparison to the competition?

The data from the salary increases report are there to guide you.


Average overall budget for salary increases in 2019

Participating companies

Participating companies with fewer than 50 employees

Employees represented

Use market data
to guide your
compensation decisions

The IT salary increases report includes data from more than 120 participating companies representing 63,000 employees. It provides a comprehensive overview of labour market trends and salary forecasts for 2018-2019 based on the economic realities of Quebec.

The report brings to light the global budget for increases, an essential component of the report and one that is crucial in implementing nuanced and accurate compensation programs.

Segmented results to better guide you

The report data are divided by business sector, company location and company size to better assist company executives and human resources managers reach their goals while developing competitive and attractive salary increase programs for IT professionals.

The participating companies were surveyed in September at the invitation of TECHNOCompétences and Normandin Beaudry.

Designed for all companies in Quebec.

Data that speak to you!

Market trends

  • Overall budget for salary increases
  • Gap between forecasted increases and approved budgets
  • Regional comparisons
  • Size of organizations and salary increases budget
  • Comparisons between business sectors
  • Differences based on job level

Presentation of results

  • By region
  • By number of employees
  • By revenue/annual operating budget in Quebec
  • By business sector
  • By organization type
  • Profile of participating organizations
Have the tools you need for your 2019 salary increases!

$49.99 + tax – PDF format