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We offer several innovative studies in the field of information technology workforce analysis in Quebec. Among them are workforce profiles, thoughts on the training-employment gap and a sector diagnosis.

Sector Diagnosis

Performed every three years, the sector diagnosis offers a portrait of the information and communications technologies sector in Quebec.

Profile of the video game workforce

This report seeks to draw a portrait of the video game sector, make an inventory of the number of jobs, and provide an overview of the issues facing the industry.

Skills and training needed for six key professions

This project analyzes the essential training and skills needed for six key professions in information technology.

The place of women in IT in Quebec

This report presents observations from interviews with 66 people, a majority of them women holding positions where they are under-represented.

Thoughts on professional training

The coalition of ICT partners to which we belong has issued recommendations regarding professional training.

Profile of the open-source software workforce

The report describes the open source software ecosystem in Quebec. It evaluates the supply of available training and the needs in terms of skills.