Salary survey and
compensation strategy

to attract and retain IT talent in Quebec

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    Why have a compensation strategy?

    - Are you keeping up with IT talent attraction and retention practices in Quebec?
    - The reality of IT in Quebec in 2019

    Let's get back to basics – what about compensation?
    The components of compensation

    - Examples of each of the components in the compensation package

    Things to consider in order to define and properly manage workplace compensation

    - Consider the context and the company's global strategy
    - Respect the principle of external equity
    - Respect the principle of internal equity
    - Respect the principle of individual equity

    IT compensation in Quebec

    The Salary Survey: essential reading for developing a compensation strategy that tackles the issues around attracting and retaining IT talent
    - Practical, data-based examples from the most recent salary survey

    Reference sources and tools

    - TECHNOCompétences resources
    - Other useful resources

    Do you have questions about the 2019 salary survey?

    Our compensation expert will give you a call.

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