Human resources management in IT companies

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The Human Resources Management Guide

The Human Resources Management Guide is designed to provide information technology companies with practical and real-life solutions.

Document database for HR managers

Guides & tools available for download

Skills Development

Technological changes, growing and evolving needs related to jobs and a competitive economic environment are just a few of the reasons why you need to invest in training and developing the skills of your employees and managers.

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Good practices to put in place when developing a strategy for managing diversity in the workplace.

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Recruiting and selection are the first two steps in the staffing process, whose goal is to fill the company's workforce needs.

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HR Analytics

Discover the basics of HR analytics, the different types of indicators and available dashboards.

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Employer Brand

The shortage of IT workers and the necessity of advanced expertise require increased employee retention.

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Support the hiring processes for internationally trained professionals.

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The reference manual for HRM in IT companies.

Human Resources
Management Guide

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