The employer brand applied to IT companies

Attract and retain IT talent in Quebec

The job market is not what it used to be and companies must differentiate themselves to attract and retain sought-after workers.

Getting yourself known and differentiating yourself
Targeting the best candidates
Reducing turnover and hiring costs
The employer brand

A reference manual to understand what an employer brand is, how to put it in place, promote it and measure its impact.

Employee retention

In a period of shortage, workers are the key determining factor. Become an expert on retention practices and learn how to measure your practices!

Are your employees sufficiently committed?

Discover how you can retain your employees and set yourself apart from the competition thanks to this booklet written by an expert in the field.

Work-life balance

Here is your opportunity to learn about the issues surrounding the work-life balance and, more generally, the place of women in IT.

New employee onboarding

Transmitting values and mastering good practices — this is the winning strategy you will learn to use when onboarding new employees!

Setting up telecommuting

This practical 5-step guide, intended for entrepreneurs and human resources managers, provides a framework for introducing telecommuting in the workplace.

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