The 2019 salary survey is happening now!

TECHNOCompétences and Normandin Beaudry are launching the 2019 edition of the largest IT salary survey in Quebec. With 30 benchmark jobs in artificial intelligence, cyber security, optics and photonics, and DevOps, take your compensation strategy to the next level!

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IT professionals are at the heart of what we do.

TECHNOCompétences: the Sector Committee dedicated to IT professionals in Quebec.

Our vision: make Quebec the world leader in information and communications technologies specialists. Our team, the Sector Committee for IT workers, supports and promotes development and employment in information and communications technologies by providing professionals with cutting-edge products and services specially designed for the realities of the Quebec market.  TECHNOCompétences works in collaboration with all industry stakeholders to highlight local talent and put the IT sector on the world map.

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IT Sales

IT Sales

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IT Professional

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Cutting-edge IT training

In a booming industry like IT, driving skills development and innovation is crucial. A trained and skilled workforce is essential in order to remain competitive and not fall behind. With this in mind, TECHNOCompétences has developed a range of subsidized training opportunities that reflect industry needs.

We offer one-of-a-kind and affordable training opportunities in information and communications technologies, management, human resources management and video games. Invest in your strengths and take advantage of the expertise of our renowned instructors!

Upcoming IT training opportunities


Data Science




Artificial Intelligence


Video Games

Studies on the IT sector in Quebec

Sector Diagnosis

How many IT professionals are there in Quebec? How is the workforce evolving in this sector? How are the IT professions distributed throughout the province? The 2018 sector diagnosis will answer any questions you may have about the IT sector, its makeup and its workforce.

The place of women in IT

With 20% of women in Quebec working in IT, how can their integration and career progression be improved? This study offers some possible solutions and seeks to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in IT companies.

A profile of the video game workforce

A description of the video game sector and its companies in Quebec that analyzes its composition and lists the issues surrounding workforce availability and skills development.

A reflection on professional training

This essay on professional training addresses partnership-centred approaches, training opportunities based on the realities of the regions and rallying behind innovation.

Improving your HR practices to attract and retain talent.

HR management for IT

A unit especially designed for business managers in Quebec to help you improve your human resources practices with respect to your IT professionals. How do you attract and retain IT talent? Here are some practical answers to your most important concerns. 

Access HR resources
Access HR resources

Salary Survey

The largest IT salary survey in Quebec.

2019 Salary Increases

Using a competitive budget for salary increases to manage human and financial performance.

IT compensation Guides

Providing practical and real-life solutions to information technology businesses.

See the guides

News related to the IT workforce in Quebec

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